Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Finalist Entry For 'Dream Big' Writing Competition

I entered a story-writing competition with this story, 'Wait A Minute!'. I didn't win, but I was one of the finalists in the competition, and my story was selected to be published in their book, 'Dream Big'!  'Dream Big' will be published in 2014. You can now read my story on Write4Fun's webpage!

Quick Summary:
Wendy Alexandra Mills is the most annoying girl in town. One day she borrows a magical hourglass from her new neighbour, Mrs. Norman. But something happens that leads her to a self-discovery...

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Saturday, 26 October 2013


This is the most random story yet. It was written in about 20-30 minutes and probably makes no sense. Hope you enjoy!

Elisa lifted up a box with ‘This Side Up’ on it. She carefully placed it down in her bedroom and locked the door. Elisa went over to her bedroom windows and shut the blinds. She looked at the box. It was a plain box; something you would normally see when someone moves houses or migrates. But just looking at it wouldn’t help you find out what it actually was. Elisa gulped. It was the first time she was going to use the box!

“Are you ready?” asked her father. She nodded.

Elisa took a deep breath. She was finally of age! Elisa opened the box to reveal a portal. “To Limestone Rivers!” she announced.

She jumped into the box and fell onto a riverbank. The sound of running water came to her and fresh air filled her lungs. She looked behind her and saw a lime green, swirly textured portal. Elisa grinned. She’d done it!

Elisa got undressed and revealed that she was wearing a magenta bathing suit. She put on her goggles and majestically dove into the depths of the river. Elisa noticed a rusty lock at the bottom of the river. She swam gracefully towards it. Suddenly, Elisa’s eyes began burning. She ripped off her goggles and the burning stopped as suddenly as it started. There was a flash of light and Elisa’s legs were replaced with a magenta tail. She was now a mermaid!

Elisa continued her swim towards the rusty lock. There was a mossy key in the lock. She turned it carefully and was sucked into a dark brown portal. The next thing she knew, Elisa had hit her head and was knocked out.

An hour later, Elisa came to and looked around. Everywhere she could see was total darkness, yet whatever that seemed to be moving around her knew where they were going. Elisa was terrified. Where was she? What was going on? She was still a mermaid, and she was definitely in water.

She swam where she hoped was upwards. The last thing she needed now was to get lost. Elisa’s head popped out of the water. Her face began burning the same way her eyes had. Elisa dunked her head back underwater. She swam back to the place she’d been previously. Elisa felt around. She felt the mossy key and the rusty lock, but this time, she didn’t turn it. Who knew what might happen this time? She found a stone and rubbed her hands on it. Elisa felt bumps on it like the alphabet. She carefully rubbed it. Elisa made out a message. It said: You mustn’t turn the key; otherwise you’ll be sent into Litramaso. Litramaso is Mermaid for ‘blinding’. Turn the key again to set things back to normal.

Elisa felt frantically for the key and turned it. Two seconds later, she had her eyesight back and she saw that the lock had the word Litramaso on it. Now she could finally live with the mermaids in peace.

© Copyright 2013 RandomStoriez

First Edition September 20, 2013

Monday, 21 October 2013

Trapped in A Video Game

It all started in 2050, on the 30th of June, when two girls named Lily and Lucy were sucked into a video game on their 4DGC (4D Games Console)

“MOM! I’M GOING TO PLAY ‘The Underworld II’ OKAY? I’LL BE IN THE GAMING ROOM IF YOU NEED ME!” yelled Lily. She grabbed her game and charged into the gaming room. Lily pushed her game chip into her 4DGC and grabbed her controller. Her little sister Lucy popped out of nowhere. “Hi Lily! Can I play with you on Multiplayer Mode?” she asked. “No!” Lily snapped. “You always ruin the game, and you cry like a little baby when you get to the part where the troll appears and threatens to cut your head off.”
No, I do not!
“Yes you do.”
NO I DO NOT!!!” shouted Lucy. Lily snickered. “You’re starting it now,” she replied. Lucy decided she had a sore throat and would not shout anymore. “No, I’m not,” she said, trying to sound as calm as possible. Lily smirked and turned on ‘The Underworld II’. She decided to give Lucy a chance and turned on Multiplayer Mode.

Lily chose the game character, Regina, who was the best of all the female characters. Lucy grabbed a controller and chose Lucy, mainly because they shared the same name. That’s when it happened. A blinding flash of light shot out from the games console, and a loud burst of music filled the room. The last things that happened before time stopped were the girls being sucked into the 4DGC.

“AAAAAAAAAH!!!” the girls screamed. They plunged into an icy darkness and, not realizing it at the time, fell into the world of ‘The Underworld II’. Lily was the first one to speak. “W-w-w-where are we?” she whispered, gazing around. “Turn on the lights and the heater Lucy, it’s kind of dark.” Lucy shivered. “This isn’t a prank or whatever you think this is,” she murmured. “We’re in a sort of a dark, enclosed space. It’s like we’re in a cave or something.” Lily frowned. There was something about this place that seemed familiar, she just didn’t know what.

As the girl’s eyesight adjusted to the darkness, Lucy spotted something. “Look, Lily! There are two girls over there in that direction! Let’s go and ask them where we are!” she hissed. Lily felt a bit annoyed at that. Lucy was much better at observing things than she was, and Lily felt that was a bit unfair. Lily didn’t like people being better at things than she was, especially if Lily was older than them.

They went over to the two girls, and they seemed to be looking very worried. “Um, excuse me, where are we?” asked Lucy. The girls looked at Lucy and Lily. “Oh my goodness! It’s the mortals! The Time-Cross Portal has occurred again!” cried the first girl, who looked teenage. “You mean ‘has occurred’,” corrected the second girl. “But still, it wasn’t due to happen until the year 3003!” The first girl sighed. “What’s happened has happened. We need to send the mortals back to their world.” And suddenly, what had happened hit the girls at the same time. “ARE WE IN THE UNDERWORLD II?” they screamed. “We thought you might have guessed that earlier. What are your names? I’m Regina. This is my youngest sister, Lucy. I’m eighteen and Lucy’s thirteen,” said the first girl. “I’m Lucy, and this is my sister Lily. I’m eight and she’s eleven,” replied Lucy. The girls looked at each other for a long moment. “We’ll have to disguise you two to blend in. You’ll have to change outfits. We can go to the Fashion Witch’s Shop and buy you two something new. As you should know, the currency here is called trismone and you start off with 5000 trismone. That’s about enough to make you look like proper warrior princesses,” said Regina, taking charge as she always did in video games.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

A Babysitter's Nightmare

"Yes sir, I'll be right there," said Cassie. She hung up and put her jacket on. Mr. Goddsweepen had just called to ask her to babysit his son, Richard Goddsweepen. Richard was six, and known to wreck havoc in class. Mr. Goddsweepen had also told her to babysit his two other children, the twins, Hannah and Harvey Goddsweepen, so he and Mrs. Goddsweepen could go and have the night off at the pub. Mr. Goddsweepen had said that Hannah and Harvey were eight, Harvey suffered from asthma, Hannah was allergic to seafood and that Richard currently had hay fever. What a horribly delicate bunch! Cassie thought. I better take good care of them, especially little Richard.

When Cassie arrived at Number 5, Hafasea Lane, she was shocked to see a enormous mansion. " Wow," she whispered. "No wonder he's paying me ten times the normal amount. He's rich!" Cassie walked up the driveway and rang the bell. The mansion looked well-lit, and three butlers answered the door. They were wearing tuxedos and had their hair gelled flat. Cassie felt rather plain in her jeans and magenta long-sleeved top as she walked through the grand entrance. Suddenly, a young fair-haired boy appeared in the entrance. He was just wearing jean shorts and a plain blue T-Shirt. The boy noticed Cassie. "Oh, you must be the babysitter. I'm Harvey. My twin sister Hannah is just playing hide-and-seek with the maid, Grace. Give me a moment. Hannah! The devil, I mean babysitter is here!" he shouted. Devil? The previous babysitters must've been awful, thought Cassie. A girl with curly locks walked in. "Ehs si eht lived?" she asked, cocking her head. "Ehs skool ecin…" Cassie was a bit surprised. In her opinion, a private language between children was never good. Never. "She says you look nice." Cassie turned. Harvey was speaking. "Thanks Hannah," said Cassie warmly. "On melborp. I mean, no problem." replied Hannah, a bit hastily. Cassie looked them up and down. "When is your bedtime?" she asked. The twins looked at each other. "Era gnikniht tahw mi gnikniht?" asked Harvey. "Sey, I kniht os Yevrah, os lliw ti eb nevele?" whispered Hannah. Harvey nodded. "Eleven," he said.

An hour later, it was nine o'clock, and Cassie decided to let the children have free rein. Bad choice Cassie, very bad choice. One minute later, the children were charging around the mansion in suits of armour, (wonder where those came from) holding signs saying 'DOWN WITH THE DEVILS!!!' and swords with plastic blades and handles from real, expensive swords. Cassie chased after them but was unsuccessful because they were spraying disgusting-smelling foam all over the place and singing a song to the tune of 'ABC'. "Children, you'll wake up poor Richard!" she called, but they ignored her and sang their annoying little song louder than ever. Then it hit Cassie. She would be responsible for whatever mess the children made. She would get into trouble, and not the children. And worst of all, she wouldn't get paid! Hmmm… Cassie thought. An idea hit her. I wonder if they go scuba-diving…

Five minutes later, the mansion was flooded in the sticky foam, and the twins had begun throwing confetti, crépe-paper streamers, balloon rubber, jugs of milk, cartons of juice, and biscuit crumbs into the foam. Cassie had managed to find scuba-diving gear and had put it on. "Here goes!" muttered Cassie. She dove into the foam from the attic and swam. The foam was at least a metre deep. Cassie found the children stranded on an island of a table. She managed to clamber up. "Children, stop this at once! We have to clear and clean this house before your parents get back, or I won't get paid and we'll all be in trouble!" snapped Cassie. "So what? It's your problem, not ours. We don't care whether Rich is well or not. We certainly don't care whether you'll get paid or not either. And by the way, you look ridiculous in that outfit," replied Harvey. "Deerga! I mean, agreed!" said Hannah. Cassie gaped in shock. "So it's all up to me to clean this up?!" she cried. "Mm, basically, yeah." Cassie shook her head and decided to check on Richard.