Monday, 21 October 2013

Trapped in A Video Game

It all started in 2050, on the 30th of June, when two girls named Lily and Lucy were sucked into a video game on their 4DGC (4D Games Console)

“MOM! I’M GOING TO PLAY ‘The Underworld II’ OKAY? I’LL BE IN THE GAMING ROOM IF YOU NEED ME!” yelled Lily. She grabbed her game and charged into the gaming room. Lily pushed her game chip into her 4DGC and grabbed her controller. Her little sister Lucy popped out of nowhere. “Hi Lily! Can I play with you on Multiplayer Mode?” she asked. “No!” Lily snapped. “You always ruin the game, and you cry like a little baby when you get to the part where the troll appears and threatens to cut your head off.”
No, I do not!
“Yes you do.”
NO I DO NOT!!!” shouted Lucy. Lily snickered. “You’re starting it now,” she replied. Lucy decided she had a sore throat and would not shout anymore. “No, I’m not,” she said, trying to sound as calm as possible. Lily smirked and turned on ‘The Underworld II’. She decided to give Lucy a chance and turned on Multiplayer Mode.

Lily chose the game character, Regina, who was the best of all the female characters. Lucy grabbed a controller and chose Lucy, mainly because they shared the same name. That’s when it happened. A blinding flash of light shot out from the games console, and a loud burst of music filled the room. The last things that happened before time stopped were the girls being sucked into the 4DGC.

“AAAAAAAAAH!!!” the girls screamed. They plunged into an icy darkness and, not realizing it at the time, fell into the world of ‘The Underworld II’. Lily was the first one to speak. “W-w-w-where are we?” she whispered, gazing around. “Turn on the lights and the heater Lucy, it’s kind of dark.” Lucy shivered. “This isn’t a prank or whatever you think this is,” she murmured. “We’re in a sort of a dark, enclosed space. It’s like we’re in a cave or something.” Lily frowned. There was something about this place that seemed familiar, she just didn’t know what.

As the girl’s eyesight adjusted to the darkness, Lucy spotted something. “Look, Lily! There are two girls over there in that direction! Let’s go and ask them where we are!” she hissed. Lily felt a bit annoyed at that. Lucy was much better at observing things than she was, and Lily felt that was a bit unfair. Lily didn’t like people being better at things than she was, especially if Lily was older than them.

They went over to the two girls, and they seemed to be looking very worried. “Um, excuse me, where are we?” asked Lucy. The girls looked at Lucy and Lily. “Oh my goodness! It’s the mortals! The Time-Cross Portal has occurred again!” cried the first girl, who looked teenage. “You mean ‘has occurred’,” corrected the second girl. “But still, it wasn’t due to happen until the year 3003!” The first girl sighed. “What’s happened has happened. We need to send the mortals back to their world.” And suddenly, what had happened hit the girls at the same time. “ARE WE IN THE UNDERWORLD II?” they screamed. “We thought you might have guessed that earlier. What are your names? I’m Regina. This is my youngest sister, Lucy. I’m eighteen and Lucy’s thirteen,” said the first girl. “I’m Lucy, and this is my sister Lily. I’m eight and she’s eleven,” replied Lucy. The girls looked at each other for a long moment. “We’ll have to disguise you two to blend in. You’ll have to change outfits. We can go to the Fashion Witch’s Shop and buy you two something new. As you should know, the currency here is called trismone and you start off with 5000 trismone. That’s about enough to make you look like proper warrior princesses,” said Regina, taking charge as she always did in video games.

Soon, they arrived at the Fashion Witch’s Shop, and there was a huge sign with ‘Fashion Witch’s Shop’ written out in glow-in-the-dark neon green letters. “Matilda, we need to get some clothes for a non-controlled mission!” called Lucy (from ‘The Underworld II). “Okay, okay, no need to shout there!” sighed Matilda. “Come in then, and your friends and sister there can come in too.” Regina and Lucy (from ‘The Underworld II’) grinned and pushed open the entrance door which had a sign saying ‘Do not enter OR ELSE’ in dribbling blood-red paint. “You know, we should give Lucy a nickname or something,” said Lucy (from our world). “Lucy, can we call you Lu or something?” she asked. “ Just call me Laura. That’s my real name. I’ve always insisted on being called Lucy, you should know if you passed Level 50,” smiled Lucy (from the Underworld II). Lucy (from our world) hadn’t passed Level 50, so she didn’t know that, but Lily had. “Laura, shouldn’t we be focusing on buying things?” she asked. “Definitely,” Laura agreed. So they began to shop. Lily decided on brown leather boots, black leggings, a white top, a grey leather jacket, a bow and 50 arrows. Lucy decided on white boots, grey leggings, a blue long-sleeved top, a purple fabric jacket and a small dagger. Lily had 50 trismone left but Lucy had 100. “Good job, keep some emergency cash for some spells and temporary power-ups if you need them,” said Regina. They paid at the cash register (a very old one, from the year 2000) and left for ‘Wizard Koogle’s Magic Shop’.

When they arrived, Wizard Koogle was fast asleep on the countertop. Regina and Laura both looked annoyed. “The only thing that wakes Koogle up when he’s asleep is his burglar alarm,” groaned Regina. “So we’ll have to set off the alarm like this.” She threw a stone at the door and it bounced open. The alarm rang loudly and Koogle woke up. “WHO GOES THERE?” he thundered. His bright green eyes were just like Matilda’s. Lucy felt quite sure they were related in some way. “Seriously Koogle, stop yelling, you sound like Troll Cutthroat!” snapped Laura. Koogle grinned sheepishly. “You have some new friends there! Was there a new update to 4.0?” he asked, trying to change the subject. “Nope. They’re visiting from a game called Warrior Princess. They bought some clothes from Matilda’s shop because it… uh… suits this temperature better, right girls?” Laura smiled. “Right!” chorused the girls. “Um, this is… Sapphire, in the, uh, blue. Err… Snowy is the one in the white!” said Regina. “Come along girls, let’s look at some spells!” The girls followed Laura and Regina into the shop. Laura and Regina used their (shared) 10,000 trismone and bought four large invisibility potions, four huge flying potions, ten enormous sleeping potions, twenty giant jars of ‘Dizzy Dust’ and five tiny bad luck and good luck bottles of spell powder. They left the shop with two big crates of potions and spells.

They arrived at the cave village where all the main characters of ‘The Underworld II’ lived. It was still an underground area, but there were many well-lit caves with doorways, walls and windows. “These are the abandoned caves that some main characters refused to live in like my brother Luke, or a character that has been kicked out in an update, like Bella,” said Regina. “She had disappeared suddenly on a pretty gloomy day. Here’s Bella’s old and neat cave, Carstomill Cave.”

 The girls entered the cave and looked around. It did look pretty tidy. Lily felt pleased when she noticed something others didn’t. “There’s a book on the floor! How did she miss that?” she asked. Laura frowned. “She probably left that there for a reason, she was a fortune teller who actually knew what would happen at certain places, at certain times,” she said, looking at the leather-bound book in distaste. Lucy walked forward and brushed the dust off the cover. It read: ‘WAYS TO GET OUT OF THIS GAME: DO NOT OPEN UNLESS YOUR NAME IS REGINA, LAURA (LUCY), LILY OR LUCY.’ “Wow,” whispered Lucy. “It’s like it’s been left there just for us.” Lily opened the book to find that it was a hollow box with a notebook in it. “Cool!” grinned Laura. Lily opened the box to find a lot of foreign words. “What is this?” she wondered aloud. Regina took a quick look at the words. “That’s Troll,” she said. “Should I translate it?” Everyone nodded. Regina looked at the words again. “Hello to whoever is reading this. My name is Bella. I know people think I have been pushed out in an update, but that was only a false addition to the update log. I have managed to escape this world, and secretly come back again. Now read this carefully. You have to find the Mirror of Wishes and wish yourself out, and to come back in, you have to have a shard of glass from the mirror, otherwise you’ll never get back again until the next Time-Cross Portal. You will pass some dangers, including Troll Cutthroat. It’s basically Level 13 Multiplayer. Beware of the oober-duckyflop, she read. “What was with the bit where you say ‘Oober-duckyflop’?” asked Lucy. “It’s been smudged out,” replied Regina. “It looks like F, V, I, D, and then it’s too smudged to read.” Lucy read it. “ Bella, Troll Cutthroat, Mirror of Wishes, Time-Cross Portal and Level 13 Multiplayer are in English, and I think it’s ‘Evil Wilch ot’, and then it’s too smudged.” said Lucy. “I’ll bet for a million dollars that it is the Evil Witch of the something!” cried Lily.

[UPDATED Oct 22, 2013] An hour later, they had figured out that it said The Evil Witch of The Mirror. They immediately headed off for Troll Cutthroat, mainly because he was the first obstacle to get there, in accordance to the map.

"WHO DARES TO GET PAST ME, THE MOST POWERFUL PERSON IN THE WORLD? I'LL CUT YOUR HEAD OFF FOR THIS!" thundered Cutthroat. Lucy burst into tears and ran off. "Lucy! Get your butt over here, now!" yelled Lily. Lucy hid behind a rock and shook her head feverishly. "This isn't like playing a normal video game Lily! If he does do that, it's game over! Literally! Life isn't just a game you can play around in! If we die, we can't spawn again!" sniffled Lucy. Lily shook her head, then turned to the troll.  "Uh, hey, Troll Cutthroat. Um, would you like a... err... smoothie? I make excellent sundaes too." she said, trying to act casual around the ginormous troll. "Ooh, lovely! A maid!" giggled Cutthroat, nodding his head. Lucy was shocked. Who would've thought that the evil troll liked smoothies and sundaes? Regina and Laura hurried off, in search of random ingredients that would make Cutthroat believe he was drinking smoothies and eating sundaes.

Five hours later, they were finally ready. "One last thing though," hissed Laura. She tipped one of the sleeping potions into the bucket. "All set!" she grinned. Now, maybe a summary of the following event will do. Troll drank it, troll fell asleep.

Next, the maze challenge. "Easy!" said Regina. They all drank some flying potion and literally zoomed through the challenge. 

After that, they needed to past a room filled with man-eating plants without them seeing you. The girls gulped down some invisibility potion and walked right out, not a scratch on them.
 Now, it was time for the final thing… A witch was sitting at the mirror. The girls stared. Then, Lucy did the craziest thing ever. “ Excuse me witch, can we borrow your broken mirror?” The witch whipped around. “NO!” she shrieked. Lily and Lucy screamed. It wasn’t the fact that the witch shrieked so loudly, or the fact that she was a witch, but the fact that she was their mom.

It took them a few hours, and a bit of arguing, but they soon figured out that it meant the Evil Witch of the Mirror. They took off immediately to Troll Cutthroat. 

“Mom, were you sucked in by the Time-Cross Portal?” whispered Lucy. Mom wrinkled her nose. “Nah, I wouldn’t have been that stupid to just sit there and let the TCP suck me in. I wished myself back. Felt like having a vacation,” she smiled. “Anyway, did you know you’re part virtual? You know how you two kept asking why your neck has a pixelated-looking patch? Well, that’s because I’m virtual. Your father isn’t. I told him after we were so deeply in love that even hat wouldn’t shock him. The fact that you two are part virtual keeps you safe in all games. If you die, you regenerate.” She turned to Regina and Laura. “Hi Regina. Hi Lucy. Nice to see you again. It’s me, Bella!” Regina’s jaw dropped. “It’s Laura now,” said Laura. “I prefer my old name better.” Lily watched them, looking annoyed. “Can we go home yet?” she asked. “Okay,” replied Mom, laughing. “Bye Regina! Bye Laura!” called Lucy. “See you soon! Try to talk to us in the dialogue bit!” Everyone laughed. Typical Lucy, thought Lily.

And so they wished themselves home with Mom’s special shard of glass. After the Time-Cross Portal incident, they constantly wished themselves over to ‘The Underworld II’ for a little holiday, especially because time stops while they’re away!


© Copyright 2013 RandomStoriez

First edition 13/6/2013
Edited 21/10/2013


  1. Such a brilliant story! I especially like the part in which they have the pixelated-looking patch on their neck...and they are half virtual! So cool!!! Please keep writing. Your story is so special and interesting.

    1. Thanks! I really hope you'll enjoy my other stories. I may do some research on ants for Trapped In A Sticky Switch-tuation! :)