Saturday, 19 October 2013

A Babysitter's Nightmare

"Yes sir, I'll be right there," said Cassie. She hung up and put her jacket on. Mr. Goddsweepen had just called to ask her to babysit his son, Richard Goddsweepen. Richard was six, and known to wreck havoc in class. Mr. Goddsweepen had also told her to babysit his two other children, the twins, Hannah and Harvey Goddsweepen, so he and Mrs. Goddsweepen could go and have the night off at the pub. Mr. Goddsweepen had said that Hannah and Harvey were eight, Harvey suffered from asthma, Hannah was allergic to seafood and that Richard currently had hay fever. What a horribly delicate bunch! Cassie thought. I better take good care of them, especially little Richard.

When Cassie arrived at Number 5, Hafasea Lane, she was shocked to see a enormous mansion. " Wow," she whispered. "No wonder he's paying me ten times the normal amount. He's rich!" Cassie walked up the driveway and rang the bell. The mansion looked well-lit, and three butlers answered the door. They were wearing tuxedos and had their hair gelled flat. Cassie felt rather plain in her jeans and magenta long-sleeved top as she walked through the grand entrance. Suddenly, a young fair-haired boy appeared in the entrance. He was just wearing jean shorts and a plain blue T-Shirt. The boy noticed Cassie. "Oh, you must be the babysitter. I'm Harvey. My twin sister Hannah is just playing hide-and-seek with the maid, Grace. Give me a moment. Hannah! The devil, I mean babysitter is here!" he shouted. Devil? The previous babysitters must've been awful, thought Cassie. A girl with curly locks walked in. "Ehs si eht lived?" she asked, cocking her head. "Ehs skool ecin…" Cassie was a bit surprised. In her opinion, a private language between children was never good. Never. "She says you look nice." Cassie turned. Harvey was speaking. "Thanks Hannah," said Cassie warmly. "On melborp. I mean, no problem." replied Hannah, a bit hastily. Cassie looked them up and down. "When is your bedtime?" she asked. The twins looked at each other. "Era gnikniht tahw mi gnikniht?" asked Harvey. "Sey, I kniht os Yevrah, os lliw ti eb nevele?" whispered Hannah. Harvey nodded. "Eleven," he said.

An hour later, it was nine o'clock, and Cassie decided to let the children have free rein. Bad choice Cassie, very bad choice. One minute later, the children were charging around the mansion in suits of armour, (wonder where those came from) holding signs saying 'DOWN WITH THE DEVILS!!!' and swords with plastic blades and handles from real, expensive swords. Cassie chased after them but was unsuccessful because they were spraying disgusting-smelling foam all over the place and singing a song to the tune of 'ABC'. "Children, you'll wake up poor Richard!" she called, but they ignored her and sang their annoying little song louder than ever. Then it hit Cassie. She would be responsible for whatever mess the children made. She would get into trouble, and not the children. And worst of all, she wouldn't get paid! Hmmm… Cassie thought. An idea hit her. I wonder if they go scuba-diving…

Five minutes later, the mansion was flooded in the sticky foam, and the twins had begun throwing confetti, crépe-paper streamers, balloon rubber, jugs of milk, cartons of juice, and biscuit crumbs into the foam. Cassie had managed to find scuba-diving gear and had put it on. "Here goes!" muttered Cassie. She dove into the foam from the attic and swam. The foam was at least a metre deep. Cassie found the children stranded on an island of a table. She managed to clamber up. "Children, stop this at once! We have to clear and clean this house before your parents get back, or I won't get paid and we'll all be in trouble!" snapped Cassie. "So what? It's your problem, not ours. We don't care whether Rich is well or not. We certainly don't care whether you'll get paid or not either. And by the way, you look ridiculous in that outfit," replied Harvey. "Deerga! I mean, agreed!" said Hannah. Cassie gaped in shock. "So it's all up to me to clean this up?!" she cried. "Mm, basically, yeah." Cassie shook her head and decided to check on Richard.

When she opened the door, she heard Richard snoring peacefully and smiled to herself. The maid had done veee-ry well. Cassie realised that the foam was starting to flood into Richard's nursery. She quickly closed the door and hoped the maid inside would clean it up and not come out.

Cassie had found some mops, some buckets, some food, and most importantly, some help. The maids and Chef Korkenvigg agreed that the twins were a pair of demons, and decided to help clean up. Chef and Cassie decided to get stuff out of the foam, so the maids could get at the foam with buckets. After that, Cassie went after the twins and just managed to stop them from getting worse. What was going to be a success turned out a disaster at the end. They had buckets and buckets of foam, but they had nowhere to dispose of it. Some of them were filling the bathtub and sink, but there was some bad news to it too. "Cassie! Hey, Cassie! The foam's leaking out of every broken pipe there is! Thankfully, there are only three broken pipes. Quincy, the mansion's most trusted handyman can definitely fix those, so long you help him a bit!" called the chef. Cassie sighed. She was worn-out after stopping the twins from adding more foam and other things to the mess. "Sure thing, Korkenvigg. I'll go help." His face softened. "It's gonna be fine Cassie. All you need to do will be to hand him a few bits and pieces." Cassie smiled. "Okay then." She hurried off to find Quincy. He greeted her with a crooked smile and they set to work. 

By the time they were finished, it was ten thirty, and everyone excluding the Goddsweepen children was exhausted. Cassie groaned inwardly. An hour and a half till' the Goddsweepens come home. Then I'll be free, thought Cassie. There was a loud crackle and a fizz. Cassie looked up. Oh no! She thought. Firecrackers! I am dead! Literally! Cassie jumped up and hurried off to find the chef. Sparks rained down on her and she was pelted with ink pellets. 

"Another disaster? Oh dear. This is gonna be a tough night." The chef paced around. "Well, I guess we'll just have to clean up after them," he said. And that was exactly what they did.

When the plump and jolly Mr. Goddsweepen and the thin and sour-faced Mrs. Goddsweepen came home, Cassie was covered in ink, foam, confetti, and a few other things that made her look like a monster. Mr. Goddsweepen stared in surprise. "I personally think you went a little too far trying to entertain those kids," he stated. Suddenly, the children ran out. "Oh, Dad! Cassie passed the test! Cassie passed the test! Can we have her?" yelled Harvey. "She didn't run out screaming, like Marion, Kiki, Lizzy, Tara, Jessie, Lydia and Georgina did," added Hannah. Mr. Goddsweepen looked surprised, then smiled. "Good job Cassie, here's your reward." Cassie reached out to grab it, but it disappeared. "Wha–?" she gasped. She'd fell through a hole that had suddenly opened up underneath her. "Aaaargh!" she screamed, before sitting bolt upright in her bed. Cassie was drenched in cold sweat as the phone rang. She picked it up. "Hello sir or madam, Cassie speaking," she gasped into the phone. "Hello, Cassie, this is Mr. Goddsweepen. I would like you to babysit my son Richard please." Cassie stared at the phone in shock. Then, she fainted.

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